"Atlantis: Rise of the Nile" by David Speight is the last of the trilogy of the Atlantis series. The story that begins in Atlantis: Bearer of Fruit and Atlantis: Fall of the Gods concludes impressively in this book. Aedon is an illegitimate prince. Aedon finds himself being the one who should locate the magic scroll after the ruling Lord of Atlantis falls sick. The place to get the scroll itself is a big mystery as it is in uncharted territory. Aedon has to get there before the Uprooter and many others to save the land. Aedon's journey is filled with adventure and excitement and he faces mermaids, pythons, and unicorns on this journey to get the scroll.

This adventurous science fiction story is very exciting with a lot of twists and turns and there is a sense of mysticism and richness that will keep readers enthralled. The historical and biblical references, along with the whimsical creatures, make the story very entertaining. All the characters have important roles in the story as the plot progresses and they have been portrayed well by the author to give good support to Aedon's character.

The story is a blend of reality and fantasy, and old and new. The verses add to the lyrical quality and it is a good diversion as the story develops.


"Atlantis: Fall of the Gods" is the second installment of David Speight's Atlantis trilogy. It tells the story of man's flaws paving the way to Atlantis' probable demise. It follows Aedon in his quest and personal battles, as well as Faeraud in his own realizations. This book also exploits man's beliefs clashing with man's own faith in the supernatural.

The words in this book flow like magic. They are perfectly orchestrated to elicit responses from the reader appropriate for each scene. ... The characters were wonderful, easily relatable and molded to perfection. I also love how the animals were given unique characteristics. The dialogue was clever, humorous, and perfectly tailored to each character. It was never cheesy nor was it overly dramatic. I like how it is a mix of old and new, fantasy at the same time reality. Author David Speight's writing made me feel like there was another world hidden in the pages of this book and I stumbled upon it. I can't wait for the next installment in the series.
-Trisha Dawn Daffon, Readers Favorite


"Atlantis: Bearer of Fruit" takes you back to Atlantis and reveals the story about a forgotten prince. Aedon longs to connect with his father who wants nothing to do with him. He and his best friend, prince Faeraud, discover one of the King’s magical scrolls. The king left the Asterians, who reside on Earth’s second moon, in charge while he is away. He’s been gone a thousand years and many doubt he’ll return. Aedon is faced with the choice of following the ancient teachings of the scrolls, or dabbling in their magical enchantments with his friend who desires to use them to become the new king.

When Atlantis’ ruling Lord becomes suddenly ill and the Asterians are unwilling to intervene, Aedon is tricked into following Faeraud’s plan of entering the king’s forbidden garden to obtain a magical piece of fruit that would cure the Lord and supposedly give Faeraud everlasting life. The stakes are raised when the life of Aedon’s girlfriend and his father’s freedom depend on him obtaining this produce from a garden which no one has a map to, and most don’t believe exist.


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